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                                             3O3 Adult Rules and Format 

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                                             3O3 Youth Rules and Format 

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                                                  Adult Mix Stix Rules and Format 

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Adult B and C Division:  Rules and Format
  • All players are required to check-in at registration table inside the front doors

  • Locker room and rink assignments will be on shown on an overhead monitor

  • Results will be posted in the rink lobby area. Any schedule changes or other important alerts will be sent to the team rep via txt message

  • All players must have signed waivers and be shown on the score sheet before playing; anyone found playing that is not registered, is not on the score sheet, or does not have a signed waiver will be ejected from the game and the team risks forfeiting the game.

  • The Rink managers will be trying to keep the locker rooms clean to the extent possible, but each team is responsible for cleaning up (tape and other trash) off the floor. Car keys/licenses may be required to get into a locker at the discretion of the facility. If the locker is not clean when the following team enters, that team rep will not be given their keys. Please clean up after yourself in the locker rooms.

  • The Chilled Ponds facility managers and Frozen Biscuit organizers will be monitoring for behavior not conducive to a safe environment outside the game. Players or spectators in the common areas who are deemed to be exhibiting behaviors inconsistent with a safe and fun environment, extensive use of vulgarities (especially in the presence of families with children), or are intoxicated and unable to control their own behavior, etc. will be removed from the facility and WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RETURN.

  • Some players under 21 (18 to 21 years of age) may participate in our adult tournaments. State Law prohibits any person under the age of 21 from consuming alcohol. Players , spectators, league representatives and any other person attending or participating in the adult event who is 21 and older should not offer to purchase or share alcohol to any under age player regardless of whether the alcohol was purchased on premise or from outside the facility. Any person violating this law will be reported to police authorities.

  • Tournament games will begin on Fridays no earlier than noon, but typically mid to late afternoon. Games, to include championship games, will end on Sundays no later than 7:00 PM - but typically conclude by 4pm -  EXCEPT for Holiday Tournaments in which games may be played on the Monday.

  • The tournament staff will try to honor all requests for a team's first game (on Friday or Saturday) based upon level of need and distance to be traveled.

  • All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 games for tournament participation. Depending on individual bracket sizes, teams will receive either 2-3 preliminary games followed by a series of consolation and playoff games to determine championship game participants

  • Some Frozen Biscuit events may have modifications to certain rules, if modifications are made we will notify teams in advance of the event.

  • Ensure all players have Home (light color) and Away (dark color) jerseys.

  • Ensure your team is dressed and ready to start a game 30 minutes prior to start time.


Game Time Management
  • Game Clock: Adult games will consist of three 17 min running clock periods with stop at 1min remaining is 1st and 2nd periods and 2 min remaining in the 3rd period, unless an injury, altercation or unplanned event occurs. In those circumstances, stop clock will be at the discretion of the league director with input from the game officials. 

  • Early Starts: Games may start up to 15 minutes earlier than posted start time. The tournament committee reserves the right to start a game up to 15 minutes early if the previous game ends with time remaining in its designated game slot. Teams must be standing by to enter the rink once the "Zamboni Doors" are closed after the ice is resurfaced.

  • Warm-Up: 3 minutes (total) prior to start of the game. If a team is late getting on the ice, they WILL NOT receive additional time for warm-ups. Teams that enter the ice after the allotted warm-up time has expired will receive an automatic bench minor penalty for delay of game.

  • Face-Off Management: Olympic Face-Off Rules are in effect. Players have 15 seconds to get in position once the referee blows the whistle ending play. After 15 seconds the referee is free to drop the puck in the face-off zone to start play. Additionally, referees may assess a bench minor penalty for delay of game. The referee will initially warn the team captain on the first infraction. Following infractions will automatically be assessed a penalty for delay of game.

  • Time Outs: Each team is allowed a One Minute Time Out per Game ONLY in the playoffs and championship games.


  • Helmets, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, Hockey Pants, cup (men), are required for all players. 


Penalty Time Assessments (in minutes)
  • Minor (2:00), Major (5:00), Misconduct (10:00)

  • Fighting will not be tolerated. Any players involved in a fight as deemed by the game officials will receive an automatic game misconduct (1 game suspension) minimum. The Discipline Committee will review the game report and reserves the right to increase the penalty and/or suspend the player from the tournament and possibly future Hockey tournaments.

  • Four minor penalties to one player in any game results in an automatic game ejection (remainder of current game). Major penalties such as spearing or butt-ending could result in expulsion from the tournament. 


  • This is a non-checking event, body checking is not permitted..

  • Redline will NOT be offside for 'two line pass'

  • The red line will be used for icing.

  • Slap shots are allowed.

  • The tag-up rule will be used for off-sides.


Determining Playoff & Championship Participants
  • In certain tournaments, the Frozen Biscuit leadership may regroup teams for playoff assignment, regardless of points accumulated. It is rare, but in the event a team is placed in a grouping that is too high or too low based on a formula that we have developed, we may adjust a team placement, up or down relative to the other teams in each grouping. So, strong standings at the end of the regular pre-playoff schedule, may not automatically qualify a team for playoffs. We do this to offer the best experience for the most number of team possible. 

  • Standings will be determined utilizing the following point system:

    • WIN = 2 PTS

    • TIE = 1 PT

    • LOSS = 0 PTS

  • Any team who willingly forfeits a game will not be eligible for semi-final or final games in the event, and may face future ineligibility at future Frozen Biscuit Hockey events

  • A maximum differential of six goals per game will be used for standings / tiebreaker purposes. ex. A score of 14-3 becomes 9-3; a score of 8-0 becomes 6-0.


Tie Breakers and Overtime
  • STANDINGS: In the event of a standings tie by two teams vying for participation into the Playoff/Championship round, the following "Tie Breakers" will be used:

    • HEAD TO HEAD (results in the games played between the tied teams) Note: If a team defeated the other team(s) that they are tied with, they will be ranked ahead of those other teams.

    • GOAL DIFFERENTIAL – Goals FOR minus goals AGAINST in all games played. Note:   In a given game the goal differential will be a maximum of (6) regardless of a greater goal differential.


    • PERIOD POINTS (won by each team)

      • 2 points for each period won

      • 1 point for each period tied

      • 1 point for a shutout in a period




  • PRELIMINARY/ROUND ROBIN GAMES: Tie games end in tie and each team awarded 1 pt


    • A five minute running time, 3 on 3 sudden death, overtime period will be played. If the score remains tied after the overtime, a shootout consisting of the best of 3 will take place. If winner still not decided at that point, then a sudden death shoot out will take with each team having once chance to shoot. Each team will choose no fewer than 3 players for the sudden death round but can choose as many 6 shooters. No single player will repeat shooting until the entire (3 to 6) rotation of shootout selectees have shot. This will continue until a Winner is decided when 1 team scores and the other does not. 



If it is determined by the tournament director(s) at any point during the preliminary round games that a team (in the divisions below the top division) as a whole are far above their competition that team will be permitted to play the three game guarantee, but will receive a 1-0 forfeit loss for those games and will not be permitted to advance to the championship round. OR in certain events, the rule described in the first bullet of 'DETERMINING PLAYOFFS' in this page may apply at the discretion of the tourney director. 

Any non-rostered player found playing during the tourney will result in team forfeit or the game being played at that time and the team will forfeit all remaining games and be ineligible for playoffs. All Players on the roster must play in at least one preliminary round game to be eligible for the playoff round. Players may only play on one team in the tournament. Players cannot play for multiple teams in multiple divisions. Exceptions may be made for goaltenders in extenuating circumstances.



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