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Skills Assessment
(for team Captains or Managers only)

Average Age: add total age of all players on your team and divide by the number of players

Average Skill: use the codes shown below to assign to each player on your roster; the number chosen should represent the highest level that each player has ever played the game of hockey
Add the total of all the assigned values and divide by the total number of players on your roster.
6: Paid to play including pro teams at any level and drafted pros; NCAA Div 1; Jr Div 1; Olympics
5: Tier 2 Junior or NCAA; Top 20 nationally ranked youth AAA; ACHA Div 1
4: ACHA Div 2 or lower; AAA youth Tier 2;
3: Adult Rec A upper division ; High School Varsity in accredited hockey program ; AA or A youth; Junior Tier 3
2:Adult B rec upper to Lower A
1: Adult B rec lower and rec C

Thanks for submitting!

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