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The 3O3 Experience:

  • High Volume of Shots

  • Open Ice for creative play-making

  • Short benches create more on-ice time

  • 3 vs 3 on a full sheet of Ice

  • Designed for continuous action with fewer whistles

Rules and Format

Rules attached are specific to 3O3 format. Rules pertaining to equipment required and standard format penalties (tripping, slashing, etc) apply.





Important Notes 

Schedule: The attached schedule is designed to be a partial schedule. The remaining schedule will be announced and posted after our evaluation stage is complete on Jan 6. We use this approach to help establish groupings which offer fair opportunities for all skills. Some teams will face each other more than once leading up to the championship. Break times are limited since the duration of games and time between games are short.


Divisions: We have internally ranked teams based on rosters, but will closely monitor during the games. There will be inter-divisional (cross-division) games between upper-mid and mid-lower skill sets. Bear in mind that the objective of these games for the underdogs is to maintain a low goal differential. GF-GA plays a key role in the final standings. Of course, winning would be a good objective also. 


Game start: Each team's first game will allow a 2 minute warmup. There is no warmup for the remaining games. Each team is required to immediately set up for puck drop i.e., 3 players plus goalie per team on-ice for faceoff and remaining players to the bench.


Check-in: Our check-in desk will be located in the lobby area. All players are required to check-in prior to the event. Standings, schedules, and staff will be located at the check-in table. We are not certain yet if players will be entering the rink from the back or the front entrance. It will depend on congestion from other events occuring on Saturday prior to our 3O3 event. We will notify you an hour or so prior to the on-ice start time. 


Locker Rooms: We will inform each team Captain of locker room assignments at least one hour prior to the on-ice start. Teams will need to share locker rooms. 


Jerseys: Because we take and post game photos, please have matching jerseys. No jersey should have taped numbers. 


Format/Rules: This is the final reminder to review the 3O3 format and rules posted on our website as noted in earlier emails. Understanding the format is very important. 2 new rules to note: 

1) We will be enforcing a 5 goal max differential. Play will continue if the goal differential exceeds 5 and all goals will be recorded on the scoresheet, but only 5 goal max will apply to GF-GA standings.  2) Tie-Break: the off-ice results will be used as the 3rd tie-breaker behind Head-to-Head and Goal Differential. 


 1) ;  2)


There will be players under 21 participating in this event. As highlighted in the rules and as is law, absolutely no player under 21 is permitted to drink alcohol nor should any player offer alcohol - no matter how little - to any player under 21. If anyone is aware of someone violating this policy/law, please inform one of the tourney reps and/or rink manager. 


Off Ice: We plan to hold our off-ice events in the parking lot. However, if the weather is not good, we will move games to the lobby and will need to adjust the planned games. Captains are to have 2 players planned 'prior' to the event. Off-ice points are weighted (fractionally) as shown in the attached schedule. In the event that our first 3 standings points tie-breakers do not produce a break in the tie, we will use the off-ice games points as the final tie-breaker. 


Waivers: No player will be allowed to play without a signed waiver. We are asking that all players have rosters signed by Tues, Jan 2. 


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