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Game Time Management
  • Game Clock: Adult games will consist of three 17 min running clock periods with stop at 1 min each period, unless an injury, altercation or unplanned event occurs. In those circumstances, stop clock will be at the discretion of the league director with input from the game officials. 

  • Warm-Up: 3 minutes (total) prior to start of the game. If a team is late getting on the ice, they WILL NOT receive additional time for warm-ups. Teams that enter the ice after the allotted warm-up time has expired will receive an automatic bench minor penalty for delay of game.

  • Face-Off Management: Olympic Face-Off Rules are in effect. Players have 15 seconds to get in position once the referee blows the whistle ending play. After 15 seconds the referee is free to drop the puck in the face-off zone to start play. Additionally, referees may assess a bench minor penalty for delay of game. The referee will initially warn the team captain on the first infraction. Following infractions will automatically be assessed a penalty for delay of game.

Game Points
Game which end in a tie will remain a tie and each team will receive 1 pt. This does not apply to Playoffs and Championship Winning teams receive 2 points and losing teams 0 points. 


  • Helmets, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, Hockey Pants, cup (men), are required for all players. 


Penalty Time Assessments (in minutes)
  • Minor (1:30), Major (5:00), Misconduct (10:00)

  • Fighting will not be tolerated. Any players involved in a fight as deemed by the game officials will receive an automatic game misconduct (1 game suspension) minimum. The Discipline Committee will review the game report and reserves the right to increase the penalty and/or suspend the player from the tournament and possibly future Hockey tournaments.

  • Four minor penalties to one player in any game results in an automatic game ejection (remainder of current game). Major penalties such as spearing or butt-ending could result in expulsion from the tournament. 


  • This is a non-checking event, body checking is NOT permitted..

  • Redline will NOT be offside for 'two line pass'

  • The red line will be used for icing.

  • Slap shots are allowed.

  • The tag-up rule will be used for off-sides.



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