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June 2-4th Frozen Biscuit Summer Bash Results

Congratulations to Play It Again Sports for placing 1st overall at the Frozen Biscuit Summer Bash! PIAS battled it out with the Tropics in the semi-finals, accomplishing a 5-2 victory to advance to the finals. In the final game, Washed Up was defeated 6-2, by a quick-footed, sharp-shooting PIAS squad.

Washed Up was simply worn down after two games prior to the championship- A hard fought 3-3 tie with the Mighty Drunks, and a seemingly smooth victory against Netsticks and Chill (6-1) in the semi-finals. For their third game within 6 hours, it's amazing that they continued to perform at such a high level, and gave PIAS a run to defend their title.

Congratulations to all Tier I teams for a great weekend of competitive games!

PIAS Tournament Champs

In Tier II, Just The Tip (1-0-2) squeaked into the finals, after tying a disciplined and skilled Riverhawks team 4-4. JTT fell to Toronto (pictured below) in the Championship game 2-0. Great job to all teams, and an honorable mention goes to State Farm for winning the consolation game 4-3 over the Riverhawks (1-1-1).


The Tier III title went to the Huskies (below), who defeated Langley Federal Credit Union 5-2. The tenacious team named after an equally tenacious dog swept the series- However, two of their games were decided by one goal only. At the end of round robin play, the LFCU team was tied in points with PIAS Green and the Narwhals, so the 2nd place seed was decided by a goal differential. LFCU earned their shot at the title, especially with the stone-wall goaltending from Josh Austin.

A considerable amount of effort was seen from all Tier III teams, including the Narwhals, who unleashed the fury on PIAS Green in the consolation game 7-1.


We appreciate your participation, and encourage you to share any feedback! We look forward to seeing you at a future tournament or Pond Hockey Series!


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