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Upcoming FB Adult Tournaments: Pond Hockey Is Back!

Frozen Biscuit will be organizing both 3v3 and 5v5 Adult tournaments at Chilled Ponds this Fall and Winter.

Join us for the return of our 3v3 pond hockey series, which starts Sept 16th. Registration is open for both individuals ($35/player) and teams of 6 max ($200/team). If a team registers for more than one session, a discount will be offered. UNO's Pizzeria will sponsor all Pond events hosted at Chilled Ponds and Iceplex.

Our Warrior Cup will be postponed until the end of October (Oct 27-29). If you are interested in playing, regardless of military affiliation, please contact us at

Additionally, we will be offering another 5v5 Adult A/B/C level tournament around the Holidays this year (end of December). If interested in playing in our Winter Classic, or putting together a team, shoot us an email:


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