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FBH's COVID-19 Response

As we all continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, the Frozen Biscuit May 29-31 tournament posture remains uncertain and depends entirely on Chilled Pond's ability to be operationally ready. They in turn are dependent on Federal and Regional policies and recommendations in exercising and adhering to best safety practices. 

Frozen Biscuit has been in communication with Chilled Ponds leadership to continually monitor and assess the ability to hold our May 29 -31, 2020 tournament. With so many unknowns and the situation changing almost daily, we are waiting until late April to make a final decision. The decision will depend entirely on Chilled Pond's ability to be open for business as noted above. Currently Virginia lockdown policies notwithstanding, projected closure estimates may change and could swing to earlier or later relief dates. 

Additionally, we are monitoring how other sports events are handling cancellations, and are in line with those program policies, e.g., most have only canceled events through the first week of May so far. 

As to a rescheduled tourney date - should it become necessary - we will need to wait until we have a better handle on when normal operations can resume and when Chilled Ponds is prepared to offer ice slots; they will clearly face enormous scheduling challenges ahead. Of course, all deposits will be fully refunded once we have made the final decision to cancel. 

Thanks for your continued interest in the Frozen Biscuit annual event. We were on track for a record 18 teams this year, filling four divisions. We hope that most of you will be able to join our event and get back on the ice!

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