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Update! -FBH's COVID-19 Response-

Thank you all for your patience regarding the status of the Frozen Biscuit Tournament- 2020. While we realized that our original tournament date was unlikely to happen, we were holding out hope not to need to cancel/reschedule for as long as possible. We can wait no longer, so it is no surprise that we are canceling our original tourney date of May 29-31. Based on a discussion with rink ownership and being hopeful and optimistic that businesses across the board will begin to slowly reopen by June, we are planning on rescheduling the event between late July and Labor Day Weekend. We are currently polling players and captains with an online form, so feel free to send us a response here:

In case you didn't get our email...

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you all back at the rink!


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