Standard Adult Tournaments

• 3 Game Guarantee
• 3 or more Divisions to support all skill levels
• Awards and Prizes
• Two Ice Sheets, Bar & Grill
• Cost (Team):

 Adult $1250

Divisions: A/B/C/Old School 50+

3on3 Tournaments w/Goalies

• 4 games guarantee
• 3v3 half ice with goalies
• Multiple divisions to support all skill levels
• Awards and prizes
• Split-Ice games, Pro Shop, Bar & Grill

(Team = 6 Players, not including Goalies)


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Hosted by Frozen Biscuit Hockey- Chilled Ponds

Games run Saturdays at Chilled Ponds

ADULT (A/B Divisions Available); Maximum team size of 6 players, not including goalies

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