General Information - Youth
  • Tournament games will begin on Fridays no earlier than 7:00 AM. Games, to include championship games, will end on Sundays no later than 7:00 PM EXCEPT for Holiday Tournaments in which games may be played on the Monday.

  • The tournament committee will try to honor all requests for a team's first game (on Friday or Saturday) based upon level of need and distance to be traveled.

  • All Youth Game Officials are USA Hockey certified.

  • All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 4 games for tournament participation. Depending on individual bracket sizes, teams will receive either 2-3 preliminary games followed by a series of consolation and playoff games to determine championship game participants.

  • USA Hockey rules are in effect with the exception of the following amendments listed below.

  • Some Frozen Biscuit events may have modifications to certain rules, if modifications are made we will notify teams in advance of the event.


Game Time Management
  • Game Clock: Mite games will consist of two 24-minute halves running clock. All Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, u16, and u18 games will use the "Stop Clock" system. Squirt and Pee Wee games will consist of three 13-minute periods. Bantam, u16, and u18 will consist of three 14-minute periods. 

  • Early Starts: Games may start up to 30 minutes earlier than post-ed start time. The tournament committee reserves the right to start a game up to 30 minutes early if the previous game ends with time remaining in its designated game slot. Teams must be standing by to enter the rink once the "Zamboni Doors" are closed after the ice is resurfaced.

  • Warm-Up: 3 minutes (total) prior to start of the game. If a team is late getting on the ice, they WILL NOT receive additional time for warm-ups. Teams that enter the ice after the allotted warm-up time has expired will receive an automatic bench minor penalty for delay of game.

  • Curfew Clock: Once the "Zamboni Doors" are closed; rink personnel will start the curfew clock that manages the allotted ice slot times for each game. Teams must immediately enter the ice once the referees have set the nets in place.

  • Face-Off Management: Olympic Face-Off Rules are in effect. Players have 15 seconds to get in position once the referee blows the whistle ending play. After 15 seconds the referee is free to drop the puck in the face-off zone to start play. Additionally, referees may assess a bench minor penalty for delay of game. The referee will initially warn the team coach on the first infraction. Following infractions will automatically be assessed a penalty for delay of game.

  • Game Clock Management: If remaining time is an issue at the start of the third period ... the referee will put half of the time re- maining in the time slot. If time becomes an issue again in the 3rd Period, the Off Ice Official (Clock Manager) will notify the Referee that the game will go to a "Running Clock" in order to meet game curfew requirements. During the running time the clock will only stop in the event of an injury or a team elects to use their time out.

  • Time Outs: 1 (1 minute) time out, per team, per game.

  • "Mercy Rule": The referee will "run the clock" in the event of six goals or greater spread. The clock will remain "running" until the spread is reduced to 3 goals or less. During the running time the clock will only stop in the event of an injury.


Penalty Time Assessments (in minutes)
  • MITES: Minor (1:30), Major (4:00), Misconduct (8:00)

  • SQUIRTS to u18: Minor (2:00), Major (5:00), Misconduct (10:00)

  • FIGHTING: Player receives a 1 game suspension (minimum). The Discipline Committee will review the game report and reserves the right to increase the penalty and/or suspend the player from the tournament, if warranted


Determining Playoff & Championship Participants
  • Points will be awarded based upon periods and game conclusion. Each game is worth a maximum of 5.0 points. Points are awarded as follows:

    • WIN GAME 2.0 PTS

    • WIN PERIOD 1.0 PTS

    • TIE PERIOD 0.5 PTS

  • No Tie Games


Tie Breakers and Overtime
  • STANDINGS: In the event of a standings tie by two teams vying for participation into the Playoff/Championship round, the following "Tie Breakers" will be used:

    • Head to Head Competition

    • Fewest Goals Against (GA)

    • Greatest GF-GA Differential

    • Fewest Penalty Minutes

    • Highest Goals For (GF)

  • ROUND ROBIN, WILD CARD, and SEMI-FINAL GAMES: In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, the game will be decided by a 3 Player (each team) Shoot-Out. In the event of a tie after the initial shoot-out, the shoot-out will continue one on one until a winner is determined. No players may shoot for a second time until all players have shot once.

  • CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES: In the event of a tie at the end of regulation in a championship game, the following will apply:

    • “3 Minute Overtime Period" of 4-on-4 hockey (sudden victory)

    • "3 Minute Overtime Period" of 3-on-3 hockey (sudden victory)

    • "Best of 3 Shoot-Out" ... In the event of a tie after the initial shoot-out the shoot-out will continue one on one until a winner is determined. No players may shoot for a second time until all players have shot once.


Team Requirements
  • Ensure all players have Home (light color) and Away (dark color) jerseys.

  • Ensure your team is dressed and ready to start a game 30 minutes prior to start time.

  • Team Representatives must have a team copy stamped T1 roster to validate player membership and insurance coverage.

  • ALL Coaches must be USAH certified and Safesport trained.

  • Ensure Coaches, parents and players are familiar with the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy and the Spectator’s Code of Conduct. This information is available in this tournament program and will be visibly displayed during the tournament.