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Biscuit Unleashed follows a similar  - but variation of - the format to that of the new NHL 3ICE format. The format promotes open, unleashed, fast-paced, and high scoring action. Below are the format details. This event will only take place on Saturday

See example video of the NHL version of the format here:  

Team and Game Format

  • On-Ice 3 skaters plus a goalie for each team 

  • Games are 17 minutes with a running clock (The clock stops only for penalties and injuries). 

  • Roster of minimum of 6 skaters plus 1 goalie per team.


  • No power plays, instead we go straight to a penalty shot. Team Captain can select any player to take the penalty shot

  • Penalty shooter starts at center face-off circle immediately after penalty call

  • All other players must be on the blue line behind the shooter

  • Once penalty shooter begins moving toward net all other players can start back to get into play

  • If goal is scored, or if the goalie stops and freezes puck, then that goalie’s team takes puck out from behind the clear zone (described below)

  • If no goal is scored, and the puck is free, any player from either team can play the puck


Overtime: No overtime, instead we go to one-round shootouts until a winner is determined 

Rules during play:

  • Goalies can play the puck anywhere on the ice 

  • If the puck comes off the netting above the glass and back into play, play continues 

  • Intentional Icing is a penalty and results in a penalty shot and if a player shoots on an empty net from behind center ice and misses, that too is a penalty shot.

  • If the offensive team brings the puck back out of the offensive zone and across the center ice line without interference from the other team, that is a turnover. 

  • There is a Clear Zone which includes the area from the face-off dots back to the goal line. Once a goalie makes a save and secures the puck, play is paused, and the goalie resets play. The opponent must be outside the clear zone to enable the possessing goalie/team to restart play which they must do within 10 seconds after defense has cleared the zone.

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