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2024 Frozen Biscuit B-Div Champions


Competitively balanced teams resulted in close games including several one goal games and an OT in the playoffs. There were no clear favorite or underdog teams leading into the playoffs. The championship was up for grabs, but in the end The Frozen Stillers outlasted the runner-up Marauders (team pic below), and closely matched River Hawks and Floating Pylons. The Floating Pylons were undefeated going into the playoffs. 

Thanks to Play It Again Sports for the MVP vouchers. 


                                                      ADULT WINTER 303 JAMBOREE

The Jan 6th 303 Jamboree featured 9 teams across 3 Tiers. Close competition including a dozen games within 2 goals, 3 playoff overtime games, and a lobby filled with players competing in off-ice games.


Jamboree Teams: Riverhawks I and II, Iceholes, Lunk Alarm, Odd Squad, Slappy Seconds, Zambombers, RTB, CTB. 

Tier 3: Slappy Seconds vs Iceholes playoff ends in a tie requiring a shootout to declare Slappy Seconds the victors advancing them to the championship game. Odd Squad vs RTB was also a close one, with Odd Squad sqeaking out a 3-2 victory and advancing the the championship game. Slappy Seconds defeated Odd Squad to win the 2024 Tier 3 championship

Tier 2: CTB faced Zambombers in the playoff round. An overtime was required to declare a victor. CTB was able to edge out the Zambombers in the shootout and advance to the championship where Riverhawks II awaited the winner. Riverhawks II defeated CTB in a close championship game.

Tier 1: Riverhawks defeat Lunk Alarm to be crowned Champions

Tier 3 Champions: Slappy Seconds

Tier 2 Champions: Riverhawks 2

Tier 1 Champions: 
Riverhawks 1

20240107_004028(0) (1).jpg
20240106_234615(0) (7).jpg


A perfect 65 deg sunny day was filled with both off and on-ice activity on Sept 18 at the Chilled Ponds Yorktown Rink. Teams starting early afternoon competing in corn hole, sharp shooter, and distance shooting competitions. Their off-ice points carried over indoors as they starting competing in non-stop on-ice 3on3 action. Ice Holes, Old Puckers, Slappy Seconds, RTB, and Pucktards competed for Tiering placement in the playoffs. Some close games and overtimes resulted in the newest Frozen Biscuit Champions as follows:

Summer  2023 C-CHALLENGE
TIER II: RVA Mayhem score goal in last few minutes to break tie with Hitmen and Iceholes to advance to finals. Old Town defeats Mayhem in Overtime to win championship. 
TIER I: The Lucky Puckers - underdogs to make the finals - were able to quiet the doubters and advance to the Championship in which their luck ran out. The Riverhawks outlasted the Puckers and crowned Champions. 

Summer 2023 - 3O3 JAMBOREE RECAP
The first Frozen Biscuit 3O3 tourney took place on Saturday Aug 12. Ten teams converged on the Chilled Ponds Chesapeake ice to compete in the wide-open, high shot volume, 3 on 3 event.  There were 22 games of which almost all were within a 2 goals differential. 
Competing Teams: Busch Lattes, Rampage, Hitmen, 3Sums, Space Cadets, No Shows, Hatrick Swaze, Cluster Pucks, 3 Amigos, Slack Shots. 
Teams were assigned into 2 divisions to compete in playoffs. 
Premier Divisions: Busch Lattes, Hatrick Swaze, Cluster Pucks, Space Cadets, Slack Shots
Elite Division: Rampage, No Shows, 3 Amigos, 3Sums, HItmen
The playoff games were very close and competitive. Here are some highlights:
1st Round Premier
Busch Lattes (2) vs. Slack Shots (1) - Busch Lattes advance
Space Cadets (3) vs. Cluster Pucks (2) - Space Cadets advance
1st Round Elite
No Shows (3) vs. 3-Sum (2) - No Shows advance
Rampage (2) vs HItmen (0)- Rampage advance
2nd Round Premier  
Hatrick Swaze (3) vs Space Cadets (0 ) - Hatrick Swaze Advance
Elite Championship
Rampage (2) vs No Shows (1): Congrats Rampage on being crowned Elite 3O3 Jamboree CHAMPIONS
Premier Championship
Busch Lattes (1) vs Hatrick Swaze (1)  - Required best of 3 shootout followed by 3 rounds of sudden death shootout. 
Result: Busch Lattes edge out Hatrick Swaze - Congrats to Busch Lattes on being crowned Premier 3O3 CHAMPIONS

Premium Division Championship: RIverhawks vs. Baby Blue Beauts
The Premier Division Championship between the Baby Blue Beauts and Riverhawks was one of the closest and most exciting Championships in recent history. The game ended in a 5 to 5 tie in regulation. The 3 on 3 overtime was not enough to produce the winner. The shootout came down to the last shot of the best of 3 shootout - resulting in RIverhawks victory. Congratulations to the 2023 Champions - RIVERHAWKS!  ....and to an outstanding effort by the Baby Blue Beauts. What a game......
Elite Division Championship: Division: Microdekes vs. Puck Ups 
Each team battled hard in this very even matchup. Strong goaltending and Defense kept the score low. Another very close game in which the winner was not certain until the game concluded. In the end, Puck Ups edged out the Microdekes in a 2-0 victory which included an empty netter. Congratulations to Puck Ups for a well-deserved victory and a big shout out to Microdekes for making this a battle for the ages. 

Tier 1 Champions: Old Puckers

Tier 2 Champions: Iceholes


Aug 18-20, 2023
Upper Tier Champions - Riverhawks (left/top)
Lower Tier Champions - Old Towne Tabacconists

Riverhawks 23 Champs.jpeg
Old Towne 23 Champs.jpeg

Upper Tier Competitors:Venom~Lucky Puckers~Brigade  
Lower Tier Competitors:Iceholes~RVA Mayhem~Sharks~Hitmen


3O3 Jamboree
Aug 12, 2023
Upper Tier Champions - Busch Lattes (left/top)
Lower Tier Champions - Rampage

Busch Lattes_edited.jpg

Upper Tier Competitors: Hatrick Swaze~Cluster Pucks~Space Cadets~Slack Shots  
Lower Tier Competitors:No Shows~3Amigos~3Sums~Hitmen


Senior Showdown
2023Champions - Wilmington Hockey Club


Competitors:Never Ready~3MGB~Rusty Blades 


Biscuit B Battle
Upper Tier Champions - Riverhawks (left/top)
Lower Tier Champions - Puck Up

IMG_7141 (1).jpg

Upper Tier Competitors: Microdekes~Muckers~ 
Lower Tier Competitors - Dirty Dozen~Baby Blue Beauts



Championship Upper.jpg


TOP 10: Pylons ~ PW Ice Holes ~ NY Spartans ~ Mighty Drunks ~ Hitmen ~ Virginia Spartans ~ Peninsula Ice Holes ~ Play It Again Sports ~ Richmond Liberties ~ Space Cadets 

FINAL 5 : Upper Bracket: Space Cadets (1) vs. winner of  Pylons (2) v Hitmen (3)    
              Lower Bracket: Virginia Spartans (1) vs. Mighty Drunks (2) 

Champions Upper: Pylons 
Champions Lower: Virginia Spartans




FRONT 8: StrawDawgs ~ Marine Hockey ~ RiverHawks ~ Moose Jaw ~ Biscuit B's ~ Kings ~ ClusterPucks ~ Phantoms

FINAL 4: Marines vs Moose Jaw ~ StrawDawgs vs Kings

TOP 2: Marines vs Kings

Champions: Marine Hockey 



FRONT 5: Rusty Blades (Texas/Va) ~ 3-Must-Get-Beers (Richmond) ~ WHC  (NC)~ Rhinos (DC North Va) ~ Old School

TOP 2: Rusty Blades vs. 3-Must-Get-Beers 

Champions: 3-Must-Get-Beers

A Division Champion

Washed Up



Play it Again Sports, Mighty Drunks, Puck Ups


B Division Champion

Straw Dogs



Floating Pylons, Riverhawks, Healthy Scratches

C Division Champion

Grumpy Old Men



Iceholes, Spartans, Hitmen, Sharks, Brazzers Brigade, Strangers, Play it Again Sports

Seniors Division Champion

Rusty Blades

Competitors: Old Puckers~3MGB~Monarchs


Brigade C (2).jpg
Play it Again (2).jpg
Straw Dawgs (2).jpg
50+ (2).jpg

2020 Summer Biscuit Bash Attendees

Thanks to all who participated (winners in red)

50+ DIV

Rusty Blades - Red Army - 3 Must Get Beer - Old Puckers

A Div

PIAS - Washed Up - Geese - Mighty Drunks


StrawDawgs - Puck Buddies - Brigade - Venom - RiverHawks - Kelleys Heroes - TLC


Brigade - Puck Ups - Crease Cloggers - PIAS


Random Pics 

Old School Hat and Mug .jpg
IMG_4445 (1).jpg
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